Susan K. Loves Merle

 WHY I LOVE MERLE NORMAN:  I have used Merle Norman products for as long as I can remember.

Years ago I had oily skin and the cleansing products worked wonders.  It made my skin tone even out so my makeup looked good.  Now that I am older my skin is dry and the cleansing products and overnight creams make my skin soft and smooth.  My makeup never looks dry.  The staff at Merle Norman always listen to my needs and help with all my questions.  They have suggestions for everything from cleansing to matching makeup to my skin tone and teaching me ways to do eye shadows.  My daughter Sarah, has used Merle Norman products since she was a teenager and her skin is fabulous.  Her 4 year old daughter Riley loves watching me put on my makeup and loves when I teach her to care for her skin and use touches of blush or eyeshadow.  My favorite products are the Wrinkle Smoother Cream and Wicked Lash Mascara! - Susan Knapp

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