Sarah R. Loves Merle

 My mother introduced me to Merle Norman as a teenager and I have continued using their products.

I appreciate how Sharon and her staff select the proper shade of makeup and powder appropriate for my skin.  Over the last few years, my main focus has been reversing or correcting past unhealthy skin habits rather than covering the flaws with excess makeup.  My must-have items are Energizing Concentrate and AHA Intensive.  I have always been satisfied with the quality and effectiveness of Merle Norman skin care items.  I love Merle Norman products but I love their customer service even more.  Good customer service involves forming relationships.  As I enter Merle Norman, Sharon and her employees greet me by name and have taken the time to understand my makeup and skin care needs.  I am well informed of new products and encouraged to try new spring and fall colors of makeup but never pressured to purchase.  My 4 year old is already interested in makeup and skin care.  She loves to help me wash my face morning and night and watches as I apply makeup.  She is a regular visitor to Merle Norman with me and her grandmother and is a future Merle Norman customer too! - Sarah Richardson and daughter Riley

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