Donna Scott Loves Merle Norman

I shop with Sharon at Merle Norman for many reasons, one is the personal relationship that I have developed with Sharon through many many years of being in business together serving the same clients in our city.  Sharon is the most professional business person I have ever worked with.  I know that no matter whether it is a client of mine who has lost her hair to cancer that just needs a makeover to make her feel better or a young beauty queen preparing for her big day, Sharon always gives each of my clients 100 percent of everything she has.  I am so confident when I send my clients and friends to Merle Norman that between Sharon and her staff, everyone is going to be very happy with the results.

Sharon has been a mentor me as a business woman who always gives me great advice and steers me in the right direction or sometimes just listens when I need a friend. 

One of the most special moments Sharon and I have spent together was after I had skin cancer on my face and had to have reconstuctive surgery.  Sharon brought me in to her studio and spent hours teaching me how to contour my face with makeup to make me confident with myself again. Sharon, no words will ever be able to say thank you for the many years of support both personally and professionally that you have given me but I do really thank you, friend.  

- Thank you, Donna Scott of Scott Salon


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